The Last Word From Cran

NZ METRO TC, Friday, February 16

Race 1: BRINGITONHOME (16, Dexter), mob. 1950m: “He’s been a bit of a
pleasant surprise but will be put to the sword a bit from the draw this week. He can’t earn anything by staying in his box at home so we’ll run and hope the leaders have a breather at some stage so we can get into the race.”

Race 4: FIZZING (5, Samantha Ottley) & MASTER MOONLITE (10,
Dexter), mob. 1950m: “They’re both racing super. Fizzing just took a little bit more out of himself when he won a couple of weeks ago but he’s fit and rearing to go again. Sam Ottley missed the drive when we took him out last week so she can have a steer behind him.”

“Dex will drive Master Moonlite and take a can opener with him from the inside of the second row. Ocean Ridge, who he follows out, should get out ok so it could be a good draw. If Ocean Ridge gets shuffled back, it could turn into a bad draw, so we’re in a bit in the lap of the gods. It’s a good premier night field, but both of them should be right in the finish, all going well.”

Race 6: PAT’S DELIGHT (3, Dexter), mob. 1950m: “He’ll be a bit tighter for his race a couple of weeks ago. We took him back to the trials last week and he went nice running home behind Elle Mac over the last 800m in 56s. He’s the only 3YO in the race against older horses but they’ll know he’s in the race.”

Race 7: BONNIE JOAN (16, Dexter), mob. 2600m: “Like Bringitonhome, we were the last marble to come out of the box with Bonnie Joan. Her fitness levels are high but it just makes it that little bit harder from the outside of the second row.”

Race 9: BETTOR JOY (8, Dexter), mob. 1950m: “We pulled her out of the Nevele R Heat at Methven when there was rain about as we didn’t want to undo her for the bigger one this week. She’s also drawn a bit wide but I’m also happy with her fitness plan. All we want is a bit of good premier night luck to go our way from the draws.”

OAMARU HRC, Saturday, February 17

Donegal Mary Francis, who makes her debut at Oamaru today, with trial driver Holly Newson at the Rangiora trials 10 days ago.

Race 2: DONEGAL MARY FRANCIS (6, Dexter), mob. 2000m: “She qualified in October, had a break, and has made steady progress on this preparation. She ran on for nice for third in her latest trial at Rangiora and quite a few of her relations have been good grass track horses so we’re hoping it suits her.”

Race 3: LONDON DELIGHT (13, Dexter), 2000m std: “She’s another we qualified in October then gave a break. She surprised me the day she qualified when they went hard and she was able to just get up from the trail to beat the leader in a good time. This time in, she ran on solidly in the same trial as Donegal Mary Francis at Rangiora 10 days ago, running fourth, so it’s a good start point for her too. We’re heading into the unknown on the grass but her third dam is Armalight, who I think won a grass track maiden at Westport then went on to do great things, and her fourth dam Ar Miss won a Sapling Stakes on the grass at Ashburton in the old days, so we’re hopeful she has a grass track gene that kicks in somewhere.”

Race 12: LINTON SHARD (6, Dexter) & HUNDIE (SCR), mob. 2000m:

“We’ve got two in early, then have to wait until the 12th race for Linton Shard to go round, so hopefully it will be worth the wait. His form is a bit mixed but he’s won on the grass before and was just beaten at Timaru two back, so if he races as good again, he should be competitive down there.”