Chrissie Dalgety, Cran’s wife, has an integral role in the Kentuckiana Lodge operation.

She is Kentuckiana Lodge’s administration and public relations manager.

Chrissie has witnessed procedures of running harness stables from an early age with her parents, Jenny and the late Murray Butt.

Her brothers, Tim, Anthony and Roddy, are all successful horsemen, with Tim and Anthony star players at Premier Stables.

While her late grand-fathers, Derek Jones and Wes Butt, were legendary harness racing trainers. Both were premiership winning trainers.

Chrissie combines raising a young family _ daughters Laura and Madison, and son Carter _ with managing her other tasks at Kentuckiana Lodge.

Photo: Chrissie with Smiling Shard after winning the 2YO Jewels Emerald.

Chrissie has also enjoyed a great run as an owner _ having co-owned stable star Smiling Shard, and numerous other winners including Band On The Run, About Ambition, Hip Hop Anvil and Bit Of A Legend.

Kentuckiana Lodge’s experienced support horsemen ensure all tasks around the stables are peformed to full capacity.

Cran employs a great team of successful support trainers _ Kevin Turnbull (foreman), Murray Howard, David Moore and Bill Roberts _ to do the hard yards behind the scenes.

“They are all great blokes. You wouldn’t find better,” says Kevin Turnbull. “They are a pleasure to work with.”

With Cran’s big race team travelling to various venues throughout the season, there is always an experienced hand at the helm. Horse preparation and grooming continues at Kentuckiana Lodge with no horse missing individual attention.